How to become a Game Designer

What it’s like to be a Game Designer and deliver games to a world-wide market? How can you start your career? How game developers work?

Here is an awesome statement of our colleague Aurelian, who was really nice to share this information to all the juniors out there!


A.M.: A career in Game Development? Why?

Aurelian: I started to work in the Game Development Industry as a Game Tester and I liked the Industry at that point. Later I got to work as a Dev Tester (closer to Designers/Programmers/Artists, etc.) and I liked it even more. When an internship opportunity arose, I took it and started a Game Design Internship. From that moment on, I started to love this Industry.

A.M.: How did you get the job? It was hard? What made you stand out in the recruiting process?

Aurelian: I participated in a contest that had a Game Design Internship as a prize. I was given a test that I had to try and solve. The test wasn’t hard but it wasn’t the easiest test of my life, either. It required critical thinking, a slight understanding of how games work under the hood (regarding gameplay rules, not programming) and some communication skills.

A.M.: Tell me a few things about your first month at Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania. How was it? What did you discover here?

Aurelian: My first month at BNER was quite pleasant. I discovered capable and friendly people here, that are eager to help others when they are in need (including new people, fortunately).  The onboarding experience clicked with me pretty well and helped me to actually be efficient in the team, after a short while. It also goes both ways, I work for BNER, and BNER helps me grow.

A.M.: What did you learn by now?

Aurelian: Until now I improved my communication skills (clearer Design Documents), learned how to balance a complex game economy, improved my understanding of the players we’re making a game for and improved my general Game Design skills. All of these were possible because of an organized and pleasant game environment created by all of my colleagues and because of the colleagues that I closely work with.

A.M.: What do you think about the team you are working with? What about the project?

Aurelian: I currently work on “Retro Wonder Park”, a theme park builder (as a player that plays this game you can build and have complete control over your own retro gaming amusement park) along with an awesome team. The whole team is passionate about the project and works hard to deliver the best experience to the players. We’re also fun!

A.M.: What motivates you now?

Aurelian: The reason why I’m gladly coming to work every day is that I love the work I am doing and it also helps me grow professionally. Above that, I like the people that I’m working with. These reasons are enough for me to think that “I can’t wait to go to work” pretty often in my free time.

A.M.: How do you think the experience you are gaining at BNER will help you to achieve your goals?

Aurelian: Well, the best way of improving yourself is to practice a lot the things that you want to improve. It’s also important to do that in the right environment. At BNER both of these are present. Also I have the opportunity to attend interesting and relevant courses and I always learn from the Game Design seniors (they’re more than helpful).


A.M. Thank you so much Aurelian, I’m sure that your words will inspire the new generation of developers. GG!


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