DevChat with George

Remember our Gameplay Programmer Internship?

The recruitment process was designed by Alexandra Manolache, our Recruiter. It was more than challenging but ended up with two top talents that joined our team, full of joy, energy and determination.

So, let’s meet George, one of our two interns, a student of Computer Science at the University of Bucharest, a winner of the American Computer Science League 2014-2015, who also attended multiple game jams.

George was nice enough to answer Alexandra’s questions and to give everyone some insights about our organization, leadership, work environment and the things he learned by now. Let’s see what he has to say:

Alexandra: George, thank you for accepting this challenge and for sharing your insights with other young developers out there! First things first, which is your all-time favorite game and why?

George: Hello! It’s a close call between Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. I love them both for the challenging but fair gameplay, and for the gloomy melancholic feel of their worlds and stories.  

Alexandra: How and when you got started with game development?

George: Had a mid-life crisis at 16, so I downloaded Unity and started making lame games.

Alexandra: How would you describe the experience overall?

George: It took a long time before I could make anything that wasn’t comically terrible, but the charm of making anything happen on the screen helped me power through the early growing pains. Also helps to go into it not expecting to actually make anything good.

Alexandra: What is the most rewarding part about developing games?

George: People enjoying your games, which is both obvious and can’t really be understood until you actually experience it. Also, solving a coding problem/making that animation look good/making that puzzle interesting after struggling for a long time.

Alexandra: What do you think about the recruiting process you’ve been through? How did you feel during the process and at the end of it?

George: It was a really fun challenge, and I felt really pumped up to take it on. At the end I felt a combination of triumph, excitement, and a caffeine overdose. Whoops!

Alexandra: Can you describe in few words your first 2 months in Bandai Namco? 

George: Learned a bunch of stuff, made a bunch of friends. I learned a lot from my supervisor Matei. I’ve picked up a bunch of programming/game dev/Unity knowledge from him, and we also popped a bunch of dumb nerdy jokes together.

Alexandra: How is our work environment?

George:  Really can’t complain about anything. All boxes checked: People are great, 2 monitors, I even got a tiny rubber ducky for free. Quack.

Alexandra: What do you think about the team you are working with? What about the project?

George: I love the team I'm working with, it’s a lot of fun working with them and by now I can call quite a few of them my friends! Everybody also does good work, so we get a lot of stuff done. I'm also starting to like our project more and more as we work on it, I think It's going to be pretty great, and It's fun to work on.

Alexandra: How do you think the experience you are gaining at Bandai Namco will help you to achieve your future goals?

George: I've improved as a programmer and got to learn more about some of the other aspects of making games by being here. I plan on continuing to work in games, so the experience I got here is going to help a lot with that, even if I eventually decide to go Indie.

Alexandra: What advice do you have for newcomers wanting to get into game development or the gaming industry?

George: If you’re thinking about doing it, then just start. Make a small lame indie game. If you enjoy it a lot, then congratulations, you’ve already started! If you don’t, that probably means it just wasn’t for you and you can move on to something else.

Alexandra: Any last words for any up-and-comer?

George: I didn’t get paid/threatened to say any of the above. Quack.