DevChat with Baban - From Intern to Gameplay Programmer

So, throwback to last summer, when we started a Gameplay Programmer Internship, a recruitment process designed by our very own recruiter, Alexandra Manolache, who went through the challenge of selecting 2 out of a whopping total of 200 candidates, that ended up joining our team for the three months internship.

Let’s meet Baban, a student of Politehnica Bucharest University and a huge programming enthusiast. He is one of our two winners, now a full-time colleague :)

Alexandra’s questions will show us some details about Baban’s overall experience here at Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania.

Alexandra: For how long have you been working at Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania?

Baban: I started working here 6 months ago.

Alexandra: Is this your first job? Since when have you been working in the gaming industry? What made you choose to work in this industry and not any another IT industry?

Baban: Yes, it’s my first job and before that I was making personal projects in the form of games at University. I also got my degree by making a game.

I chose the gaming industry because software development was boring for me, I just didn’t like it. Gameplay programming is fun, you feel like a god, you can do whatever you see in other games. <3

Alexandra: Tell us a little bit about how and when you got started with game development.

Baban: In 2017, it was my first summer workshop at Politehnica University of Bucharest. When I met this field and set out to play around with Unity, I started to see what I like in other games and began implementing it in my projects. For example, the first two goals for me were to implement a hawk in my project just like in Assassin’s Creed: Origins and a horse, like in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I did them, and yes, I felt godlike. After that I moved on, chose my master studies to be “Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality” which Is full of gameplay programming.

Alexandra: What is the most rewarding part about developing games?

Baban: Being able to implement what you see in other games, or what you receive in GDDs is rewarding, because you get a sense of accomplishment. Also, watching people enjoying a game mechanic made by you, is rewarding as well, isn’t it?

Alexandra: What advice do you have for newcomers who want to get into game development or the gaming industry?

Baban: C++ / Unreal engine, master these and you will be superhuman in anything, learn gameplay concepts, learn Unity engine and C#.

C++ / Unreal engine FTW: If gameplay programming makes you feel like a wizard, engine programming makes you feel like a real god that’s controlling everything <3

Alexandra: How would you describe your colleagues in 5 words?

Baban: Amazing. Awesome. Friendly. Helpful. Funny.

Alexandra: What are the most important work benefits to you?

Baban: Experience, you are surrounded by great developers. You just keep learning.

Alexandra: What do you like about Bandai Namco as an employer and/or job atmosphere?

Baban: Everyone here understands your needs. Marius - my manager, the rest of the team, are always there for me. I don’t know how to describe it, you just feel like home. The most important thing is that you wake up at the morning feeling fully motivated and excited to go to work, that means a lot.

Alexandra: Tell us about the biggest challenges of the gaming industry and how is Bandai Namco facing them.

Baban: From my prespective, establishing a strong link between developing, art, design, management is challenging, yet they are mastering it. Everything is setup correctly.

Alexandra: Can you give us your Top 3 reasons as to why somebody should join this company?


  1. Non-stop experience gaining, as we don’t have normal developers here, believe it or not, but we have the wizards of engine programming here at Bandai Namco, yes you’re reading it right, sometimes I feel pleased just by hearing what they’re discussing, being close to such people will develop your mind.
  2. Amazing managers, no matter what experience you have here, you are important for the company!
  3. The atmosphere, joy and fun, just like I said before, you just feel home.

Alexandra: Last but not least, which is your all-time favorite game and why?

Baban: Ace Combat 7, the fluidity of this game is indescribable.