DevChat with Baban - From Intern to Gameplay Programmer

So, throwback to last summer, when we started a Gameplay Programmer Internship, a recruitment process designed by our very own recruiter, Alexandra Manolache, who went through the challenge of selecting 2 out of a whopping total of 200 candidates, that ended up joining our team for the three months internship.

Let’s meet Baban, a student of Politehnica Bucharest University and a huge programming enthusiast. He is one of our two winners, now a full-time colleague :)

Alexandra’s questions will show us some details about Baban’s overall experience here at Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania.

Alexandra: For how long have you been working at Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania?

Baban: I started working here 6 months ago.

Alexandra: Is this your first job? Since when have you been working in the gaming industry? What made you choose to work in this industry and not any another IT industry ...